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Hi, my name is Kelly. Thank you for visiting my site! Although it's not my day job, one of my passions in life is rescuing and redesigning furniture. I love taking old, beat-up furniture and giving it new life. In other words, I'm a sucker for before-and-afters! Some of my favorite pieces were left out on the curb for trash pick up day.

The furniture purchased on this site can improve the beauty not only on your home but the world at large. The Environmental Protection Agency reported that in 2015, furniture and furnishings in municipal solid waste weighed 12.5 million tons. Of that 12.5 million tons, 80.4% ended up in landfills.*

I like to think that taking some of these pieces of furniture off the street and into a new home is my small contribution to the environment.

Reduce - Reuse - Recycle!

Much of the furniture found on this website has been gathered from curbsides or thrift shops and redesigned for purchase. However, if you have an old piece of furniture that just needs a facelift, I'm happy to refinish pieces on an individual basis according to your wants and needs - Just leave me a message below.




Berkley, MI 48072

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