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DIY Interior Design: A New Nursery

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

I am someone who is extremely aware of the overall look and feel of my environment. I wanted my daughter to have a space that was uncluttered and calm, with plenty of natural light and earth tones. I started working on this space when I was 5 months pregnant, I suppose my "nesting" started earlier. This room started out as our guestroom, and it never fully came together in my eyes. My husband loved it and wouldn't let me change anything until there was a reason to - this baby.

Feature Wall

Clearly I have a thing for feature walls, specifically the board and batten look. Since I'd already done this once in our main bathroom, which is detailed in another blog post, this time around it went much faster since I knew what I was doing. First I painted the whole room in Benjamin Moore Simply White - my go to white. Then I started adding my boards. This time I didn't change out the baseboards or add a wide chair rail. Instead, I used the 1/4 inch MDF ripped into 3 inch strips just like before, and arranged them like so.

In this room I went about 2/3rd of the way up the wall with the boards. I applied liquid nails to the back then used by brad nailer to secure them to the wall, again using the technique to help lock the boards in place by changing the angle of entry to look like this /\/\ instead of straight in like this ||||. I filled in the holes and seams with wood filler and caulked the edge where the boards meet the wall, then sanded it all once everything dried. As you can see I was testing different colors to find the perfect fit, and I actually ended up painting the entire area in Hale Navy by BM. Loved it the day after, then on day 2 I felt like I'd made a huuuuuuuge mistake. My husband gets so irritated with me because I do this all the time. I painted our living room a grey color when we first moved in then decided I hated it after about 2 weeks. He would only let me repaint it when he went out of town over one weekend. You better believe I got to work once that front door closed behind him and I was finished by the time he got home! Anyway, I think he's getting used to my process. I finally decided on Knoxville Gray by Ben Moore and was so much happier with that color.

I had seen on Instagram a DIY tassel chandelier, I decided to take on that project as well, which took me forever!! I think it turned out nicely and I'm happy I did it, but honestly would not do it again, I'll pay for the next one.

I also rehung the drapes. You can see in the before photo the drapes are touching the floor because they were placed right at the top window frame. Taking these up elongates the room and makes it feel taller than it is!

The dresser for our daughters room was inherited after the passing of my husbands grandfather 1 week prior to finding out we were expecting. It felt so nice to be able to refinish it and keep it in the family for a new generation.

Move the rest of the furniture in and you've got a sweet little nursery! I spent a lot of time in the nursery before baby arrived, just relaxing and reading in there was one of my favorite things to do. The relaxing feel of the room and the way the light filters through in the mornings as well as the afternoons is perfect. My husband liked to hang out in there as well, although for him I think it was more the rocker/recliner - he keeps talking about getting one for the living room.

I am very happy with the way our nursery turned out, I hope baby girl loves is as much as we do.

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